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How it works?

The administration panel is easy to use and very intuitive.

This panel is only for demonstration, is reset each day to clear settings.

Please note that if someone else is testing the panel, you may not see your changes.

Have fun!

Examples of clients

What is included in the package?

No Installation

Do not download or install on your PC, do not worry because everything will be in the cloud. You can access and change your website from anywhere.

In 2 steps

Customize your design and add your content. Discover how quick and easy it is to make your self-managed web panel of Verkia.


The domain is the unique name of your website, with which all users will find Internet and search engines.And now for FREE!


Your domain name should be short, easy to remember, having regard to the content of your website and be free to register.

Email on your business

Your email account will always appear at the bottom (footer) of your website and must be related to the content of your Web site.

Always accessible

You can access your email whenever you want, wherever you are via webmail, from any device: mobile, tablet ...


We have several professional designs as targeting different sectors to give a good image about your business.


You can always change the design without losing your choice of colors or your content already created.


All our designs have a slider in display mode so you can publish the images more descriptive about your business.


Add a gallery and menus galleries of images and texts telling news or describing the functionality and presentation of your company.


You can insert YouTube videos on your website by simply adding the code to your web page. Add a title, description, and ready!


If you add some explanatory videos increase the functionality of your website and get a more optimal result in your traffic.


Create your latest news on your website about your news, deals ... so that your users do not lose any detail of your business.


Also you can add images to your news fast and simple way to make reading more attractive.


Indicates the location of your business to your website through an interactive map of Google Maps for your users to find you quickly.


Add the address of your physical business so your customers can go to him and have a direct and personal.


Contact form so your users can communicate with you and you can receive all your suggestions, questions, requests, etc..


With the contact form your users can request a quote for your products or services quickly and easily.


Insert videos directly to your YouTube account on your video section, so that your subscribers do not miss any of your news.


Integrate your Twitter account on your home so that everyone can see your latest tweets and updates and so make more followers.

iPhone and Android

Any user accessing via mobile devices will make your website adapted to the format given screen dimensions.

Designs adapted

Do not worry about your web design against mobile devices as this is generated automatically and functional.


We use techniques such as descriptive and titles goals, optimizing images, friendly urls, favicon, avoiding the use of cookies, etc.


Add your logo or brand to the browser tab to give that little touch of personalization and improving your positioning.


Add a guestbook to your website so that your users can leave comments or suggestions for a quick and easy.


Your web ready to Yopin, so you know what your customers are saying about your services and so anticipate your competition.

Create your website


Design and create your own website with our self-managed panel, you can choose one of our pre-designed templates and customize your colors and content.

You get all the tools needed to make your website in minutes quickly, easily and efficiently. 65% of SMEs have their web, do you?

Also we can make you the 199€.

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